Gimbal Cameras

Information for ArduPilot users

Currently CX-GB series for ArduPilot is available as prototype.

High-Resolution Gimbal Camera
CX-GB110Price : ~JPY 238,000

High-resolution photography (20M)
20M high-resolution image sensor captures ground objects at 1.2cm/pixel resolution from an altitude of 50m.

Large aperture lens and 1-inch sensor
1-inch optics and proprietary signal processing enable high quality image capture with low noise even in low light.

Visible + IR Gimbal Camera
CX-GB210Price : ~JPY 1,700,000

Thermal energy visualization
Built-in 8-14 µm IR sensor visualizes thermal energy over a 34° horizontal and 27° vertical range as an image.

Visible/IR camera combo
Various display modes can be selected, including synchronized shooting of visible light images and far-infrared images, superimposition, and P in P display.

※Due to export restrictions, please contact us for overseas use.

Multi-spectral Gimbal Camera
CX-GB310 Price : ~JPY940,000

NDVI Live View
NDVI (vegetation index) image generation and live-view display in the camera enables immediate on-site monitoring of vegetation conditions.

Built-in ambient light sensor
Stable NDVI image acquisition is possible by installing an ambient light sensor and installing it in the optimum position.

Optical Zoom Gimbal Camera

2.5x Optical zoom in compact body
2.5x optical zoom enable to shoot 18mm-45mm still image (35mm equivalent.)

4K high-precision still image
2.5x optical zoom allows you to take photos of GDS2mm (10m.)

Mount for Gimbal Camera
AX-DM100Price : JPY45,000

Versatile interface
Realizes versatile interface by converting gimbal camera’s pogo pin 10-pin connector to an 8-pin connector and Type-C USB connector.

Mountable to your drone
Four screw holes on the back of the mount allow attaching to your original drone.

※CX-GB300 cannot be attached to AX-DM100 due to interference with an ambient light sensor.