About Us


  • 1976
    Established as digital device division of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
    Started development and production of video cassette recorder
  • 1977
    Developed and produced 8 mm video cameras
  • 1995
    Started OEM business of digital video cameras
  • 2003
    Launched world’s first MP4 digital movie camera
  • 2008
    Launched the world’s smallest and lightest (at the time) Full HD digital movie camera
  • 2010
    Discontinued own-brand digital cameras
  • 2011
    Cumulative production of digital cameras exceeded 100 million units
  • 2013
    Spun off from Panasonic/Sanyo Electric Group and commenced operations as Xacti Corporation
  • 2015
    Relocated head office to Umeda, Osaka
  • 2018
    Became a member of Japan Asia Group (currently SOLABLE Co., Ltd.)
  • 2019
    Launched Xacti branded products and solutions
  • 2023
    Xacti’s solution installed over 1,000 companies in Japan